Sunday, 31 December 2017

This will be our year, took a long time to come

And so 2017 finally comes to a close. It's been a funny old year with it's highs and lows, but thankfully nothing too eventful has happened and so I'm going to remember this year for all the good things.

Remember A Day // And What Exactly Is A Dream // 'Neath The Gay Illuminations
Recent Vintage Finds // Museum of Witchcraft // Floating Down, The Sound Resounds

2017 marked 50 years since 1967, a momentous year for enthusiasts of the 1960s, and as such many anniversaries were held relevant to my interests which certainly helped to make this year fun. It was a very Pink Floyd filled year in particular for me, with Their Mortal Remains opening in London to mark their 50th year which I was lucky enough to visit three times, as well as splurging on their Early Years Box Set which is something I'll cherish owning forever. It's felt really wonderful to be able to indulge myself in my favourite band all year. It's also been the year I finally started seeing my favourite bands live, and was fortunate enough to see The Killers twice as well as scoring tickets to see Roger Waters for my birthday next year.

Such Is Silence O'er Royal Camelot // Recent Vintage Finds // Sewing A New Dress

I began my final year of university, a milestone I thought I wouldn't be able to achieve when I began my course, and finally got a clear idea of the direction I'd like to go in, both professionally and personally. I'm definitely leaving 2017 with a much clearer image of myself than I started the year with, which is a wonderful feeling to have. Because even if things don't go according to plan, having a clear sense of self is all that really matters and will help me move forward from anything with confidence.

Early Years // Wonderful Wonderful // Lying On An Eiderdown
I'd Like To Be Under The Sea // A Day In The Life // Summer's Almost Gone

I found some really wonderful vintage treasures, completed gaps in my vinyl collection, and have taken little trips here and there to see new and interesting places further away from home than I usually go; I got my car this year and I can definitely say that I've made he most of having it. I've kept up with my personal drawing alongside my uni work, and have made quite a few lovely dresses. I've also really fallen back in love with blogging again, I'm proud of this little space I've created and have met some really wonderful, unique and interesting people through social media which brings me a lot of happiness.

This was also the year that I began journalling, both in 'bullet' form and using the Happiness Planner. I use my bullet journal as part scrapbook, part art journal and have really loved having a space for memories and personal reflection. Being a terrible over-thinker, it really helps to have a personal space to organise my thoughts at the end of each day. I was skeptical of the Happiness Planner when I bought it, but really wanted to try and change my mindset into less of a pessimist. I used it consistently for the first part of the year and really felt it made a difference, but then I stopped as I felt I didn't need it anymore and so fell straight back into old negative habits and couldn't get motivated to use it every day again. However I felt it worked so well when I did use it properly that I've bought the 100 Day version for 2018. I think I'll be able to stick with 100 Days better than a whole year, and can then incorporate the positive reinforcements into my bullet journal afterwards.

Here's to a happy 2018!
January 1st is the start of a fresh week as well as being a fresh year, and also happens to fall on a full moon which is also a super moon. There couldn’t be a more powerful time to start over. Let's make it brilliant ♥

Title: The Zombies - This Will Be Our Year


  1. I'm glad to hear your 2017 was pretty good! I also feel like I am going into 2018 with a clearer sense of what I want, after having some low moments the past year. I hope 2018 is amazing! :)

    1. Thank you, I wish you all the best for the new year too! ♥︎


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