Monday, 29 January 2018

Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting

Dress - 1960s vintage, via eBay // Necklace - 1960s vintage // shoes - New Look (old)

This dress was a recent lucky find on eBay. I've had quite a bit of luck on eBay lately, with my music collection as well as my wardrobe, and I'm quite excited to share my finds with you in the next few outfit posts. I initially had my eye on this dress when it was 'Buy It Now', but unfortunately it was too expensive but I put it in my watchlist anyway (does anyone else do that? I know I wasn't going to buy it at that price, but I like to look at things now and then and imagine). I got a notification that it had been relisted, and this time as an auction and as the only bidder I swooped it up for a bargain. It was even lovelier when it arrived as I hadn't noticed the lime green and acid orange colours in the pattern from the photographs.

It was uncharacteristically warm for January when I wore this outfit, which gave me the opportunity to wear my new-to-me coat that I got over Christmas. Where was I going, you may ask? Why, to hand in my dissertation!! I can't tell you how much weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I handed in my digital copy on the Wednesday, and then on Friday went into uni to hand in the bound, printed copy. It's filled my every waking moment these past few weeks, when I haven't been sat at my computer furiously typing away I've been mentally composing what I want to write next. It's been quite stressful, but I'm also really proud of my final paper. Writing is never something that's come to me naturally, but the fact that I've been blogging for so long has really helped me to learn to express myself and find my voice. I feel like I've written something I'm passionate about (well, it is about Pink Floyd!) and that that passion truly came through in my paper and made it so I had something genuine to write about.

This weekend is the first I've had to genuinely relax, and my brain has felt like scrambled eggs so it's just as well. I've spent it trying to catch up with everything I've had to neglect whilst I was writing, and took the time to draw for myself as it's been far too long and is my favourite way to reset myself. It was Nick Mason's birthday on Saturday, and as he's one of my favourite members of Pink Floyd I took the opportunity to draw him. I really struggled to find a high quality image I liked, and couldn't in the end. Considering my reference photo looked as though it had been taken with a potato and I had to use my imagination for the finer details, I'm quite pleased with how it came out!

Title: The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Thrift Finds and A New Dress

Marie Howitt dress - 1960s vintage // boots - Topshop // necklace - vintage via Oxfam

I picked up this maxi dress just before I went home for Christmas and I just love it, it's quickly become my most favourite piece. I've worn it so many times already, so expect to see it lots!

I wanted to share a little collective haul of all the things I bought when I was home for Christmas. I know I've said this many times, but vintage hunting is so abysmal where I live that it's always a relief to go home and visit all of my favourite haunts. And it didn't let me down, I found so many wonderful things!

I've been after a '70s suede matching suit for quite some time, but they always sell for an absolute fortune. I have many suede vests and suede skirts, but none of them a matching set which is what I truly wanted. I very nearly didn't go into the vintage shop nearest to home as it specialises in pre-1950s and is generally very expensive, so I nearly flipped in my shoes when I spotted this! It's a terrible picture as I couldn't get my camera to cooperate, but it's a wonderful vivid forest green. It fits me so well it felt like fate.

After I bought the suit I was musing what top would go best with it. Most of my tops are block colours and I was pouting that I didn't have anything more psychedelic when in another shop I found this perfect St Michael's pussybow blouse with swirls of pink. It was an absolute steal as it has a little burn hole at the end of the bow (I can imagine it got caught on a cigarette at some point!) but it's barely noticeable against the pattern and doesn't matter to me. Even my mum couldn't help but admire the quality of this blouse, "not like Marks and Spencer nowadays!"

The coat was really quite exciting to me as I've had my eye on it for quite literally years. But it was expensively marked at £45, and I'm fairly certain I'd tried it on before and it didn't fit so I dismissed it. It had since been placed way out of reach hanging from a hook in the ceiling with a bunch of other clothes, so high up I could only touch the hems. I was trying to flick through them as a flash of hot pink and orange had caught my eye, when suddenly the whole lot came down on top of me! The hook in the ceiling had given up, and I was suddenly standing with my arms full of psychedelic clothing and broken lamps at my feet that had been knocked off the shelves. I was mortified! In all my years of vintage shopping I've never had any accidents! I could hear the sales assistant coming up the stairs to see what the crashing was. I was still trying to process what had happened as it was all so sudden, but thankfully the assistant was very kind and thought it funny and told me not to worry about it.

I thought I may as well make the most of having the clothing at easy reach and take a good look, and decided to try the much coveted coat on. And it fit! I couldn't believe it! I felt so guilty about the breakages and so happy it fit, I decided I should treat myself as I'd wanted it so long anyway, only to then be given £10 off at the till. I literally trashed the place and still got a discount, not bad going!

It's definitely a spring/summer coat as it's just lined corduroy, I can't wait until it warms up so I can wear it!

You may have seen me mention in my post about going to York that I'd found a maxi dress in the window of a charity shop. It reminds me almost of a Japanese kimono with it's flared sleeves and cherry blossom-esque pattern, don't you think? It's a little too big so I'll need to make some adjustments before I can wear it.

Other knick knacks purchased from various shops. I love the length of swirly blue crimplene, and I really lucked out with the deadstock. I've wanted a pair of tights like that for years, to finally find them for £1 in the charity shop. The two floral blocks is a pair of tea towels that I just couldn't resist (I may have to create something more interesting with them!) and I'd been needing some pillowcases anyway. The deadstock striped top I'd initially bought purely to sell on as it was such a steal, but after getting it out of the packet I decided it's too perfect and will be keeping it for myself!

I do love a bit of kitchenware, and all of these were picked up for £1 a piece in the charity shop. I'd needed a tea jar so I was particularly pleased with that! The Salter scales were in their original packaging and don't seem to have ever been used. They seem to sell for a small fortune on eBay and the like so I'm very pleased. I especially like them as my mum had a similar set of compact Salter scales when I was growing up, although hers were a rather boring cream colour and more '80s in design.

And the records! I actually bought these when I went to London. I can never resist a trip to the record shop, and managed to pick up these two. Pink Floyd In The Beechwoods is a bootleg record released last year, and has the same Syd era recordings that featured on the Early Years boxset, but as the boxset was CD I like having the option to listen to it on vinyl. And to be honest I can never resist any record with Syd on, even if I already have the tracks!

And can you believe it’s taken me until now to own Yellow Submarine on vinyl?? I’ve never made any secret of the fact it’s my favourite Beatles film and I just adore the soundtrack, but I’ve never found it in the flesh before and I stubbornly refused to buy it off eBay for an inflated price. Finally owning this album actually completes my Beatles studio album collection! How exciting!

Monday, 1 January 2018

Lose themselves in other times

A few days ago just before New Year I decided venture out to the huge antiques centre about an hour away. Between Christmas and New Year is always a funny time of year, and it seemed many other people had the same idea as me to get out of the house! I was there for a browse more than anything, but as always I just couldn't resist picking up a few lovely things.

I always enjoy taking some photos whilst I'm there, I've posted about it a few times on my blog and I love seeing how the displays change with each visit. This section full of taxidermy, medical models, and old fairground equipment always piques my morbid interests.

I'm often using my Winsor & Newton watercolour palette as I blogged about here, so I loved seeing this Winsor & Newton watercolour set from 1850. It's a bit different from my plastic one! Especially with it's cut glass water pot and ceramic mixing tray. I'd of loved to have taken it home with me, but unfortunately it was £500!

I tried to capture the scale of this miniature satellite chair, but I'm not sure if I succeeded. You've probably seen my '60s satellite chair in the background of all of my outfit photos, and you can see that this one is exactly the same as mine, but child sized. It's adorable! It almost makes me wish I had a child just so we could have matching groovy chairs.

Now on to the goodies I bought!

I've been after a vintage sweater for the longest time as unfortunately all of mine are sleeveless which won't do for British winters! This photo doesn't do it much justice, but I could never have asked for a better one that this! I'ts orange and purple, and just my size. It was on the mannequin with this '70s felt hat, and they paired so well together I just had to get them both. There was a sign pinned to the mannequin strictly informing that clothing only be removed by the sales assistant, but as I knew I wanted it I couldn't see any point in dragging someone upstairs to do what would take me 30 seconds. I was scared I might have been seen on CCTV and would get told off when I went to the till, I must have looked ever so shifty! Haha!

I love my vintage knick-knacks, and couldn't resist these egg cups for £3 the pair. They look ceramic, but they're actually plastic which I think is much better. Behind them is a thing to serve sauces for your dining table, it was only £3 again so I couldn't leave it behind. I'm not one for sauces, but I'm sure I can find an alternative use!

I've always adored this style of '60s teak shelves, and it was already a bargain to begin with but then had an additional 25% off. Lucky me! I don't have anywhere to put it yet, but I couldn't leave without it. Once I've got it all set up I think it'll look just fab with my collection of raw healing crystals on.
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