Sunday, 18 March 2018

Fun at the fair

I've had quite the eventful weekend! Yesterday was my local record fair, something I'd been looking forward to since the beginning of the year as the last one was way back in November, and today I popped up North a little for a vintage fair I'd only discovered was being held earlier in the week.

These were my two finds from the record fair. It's mostly cash based which suits me just fine as it stops me from getting carried away! Unless I see something I have to have (which has never happened yet) I like to look at all the stalls before I decide what to buy and then go back. I'm ever so good at making a mental note of precisely which box which record was in!

The Syd Barrett record is a double LP of his two solo albums, The Madcap Laughs and Barrett. I already own both records individually, but I still wanted to own this one too as soon as I saw it! I appreciate cover art as much as anything else and this is a really nicely put together set so I couldn't leave it behind. I generally struggle to find any of The Kinks LPs and if I do they're usually asking silly money. This copy of Face To Face was quite cheap, and I was convinced it would be gone when I got back to it but thankfully it wasn't.

I didn't get this at the record fair, but it is another recent find. I've had my eye out for A Saucerful of Secrets for a very long time indeed, and when I was at the record fair in November I did see a copy but unfortunately I didn't have enough money on me. And now I'm glad I didn't! It's true, good things do come to those who wait. I saw this copy on eBay, not described at all except for the title of the album and with a small, dark picture taken from about 5 metres away. Because of this it didn't have much interest, but I know well what I'm looking for and thought I could spot flipbacks on the back cover which would make it a very early pressing indeed, they typically sell for £70-£150 depending on condition. I won it for £28 which I considered cheap enough to take a punt, and was beyond thrilled when it arrived and I saw my gamble had paid off. Not only is it an early 2nd pressing, it's almost like new and has obviously been very well cared for. It's also my favourite album artwork by Pink Floyd, isn't it just beautiful?

I almost wasn't sure if I'd manage to make it to the vintage fair today due to the extreme weather we've been having, and although the organisers confirmed it was still going ahead I'd had my doubts as to how many traders would be able to make it. I'm so glad I made it though!

It was quite strange as there isn't any snow where I live, but within 10 minutes of being on the train we were caught in a flurry that continued all day. Thankfully I was wrapped up in my cosy Afghan coat and had thermal tights on, but I had no umbrella and looked like I had a white hat on top of my beehive by the time I'd walked from the station. By the time I came out of the vintage fair an hour later a further 2 inches of snow had settled, so I decided against exploring further and caught the next train home to thaw out.

The vintage fair was organised by Lou Lou's Vintage, and if there's one by you I'd really recommend going! There was a really great variety on offer and at great prices. I'd not heard of them before this week when someone on Instagram mentioned them, and I saw that they just so happened to be near me this weekend so I couldn't pass the opportunity.

I wasn't at the fair for anything in particular, just anything that caught my eye. I kept being drawn to some lovely glomesh bags but I felt they were a little expensive so I left them behind. I've been after a tunic style top to wear with my rust coloured flares. This was marked as a tunic and I thought the colours would go just perfect but as soon as I held it against me I realised it's not a tunic at all, it's a mini dress. It fits just perfect, although I noticed after I got it home that one sleeve is coming away at the seam so onto the mending pile it goes!

The photo of this orange blouse really doesn't do it justice. It's a slightly gauzey polyester with some of the biggest balloon sleeves I've ever seen! It was far too groovy to leave behind and I thought would look great with my collection of vests.

And finally this '60s mini dress with the most unique collar I'd ever seen. It's a lovely breathable cotton, so it'll be perfect for spring as soon as it makes an appearance.


  1. That collar looks amazing! Super fun. Definitely worth the snow.

  2. Bah! Our fair was cancelled on Sunday.
    You did well. I love the collar on that dress. We've traded at Loulou's fairs before, I'm surprised you hadn't heard of them before! xxx

    1. I was really surprised ours went ahead!
      I don't do Facebook and don't have any friends into vintage so I suppose vintage fairs tend to pass me by, and I don't look for them like I do record fairs. Not sure why, just never think of it!


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