Friday, 13 April 2018

Thrifty Finds

My time back at home is drawing to a close, which makes me sad but I'm focusing on all of the good things about going back. I have so many things to do I'm a little overwhelmed at the thought but it's all fun and things I want to do, such as travelling to local places that will soon no longer be local, sewing projects, and I'm going to Italy next month which I still have a lot of planning to do for. And as usual, I'm leaving home with plenty of vintage treasures!

The striped dress is much more vibrant in real life, and I've been admiring it every time I've visited the antiques shop for years now. I'm not sure why I hesitated for so long as it's £12 price tag is hardly breaking the bank. I decided this was the day it had to come home with me! I'm slowly building my kitchen and I'm really excited with this little pan. I love the idea of one day having a set of vintage pans in all different colours and designs, I've never understood why people have to have their kitchens so matchy-matchy. It's in perfect condition, and was only £2.50.

I really love this cassette holder. It doesn't hold a huge amount of cassettes, just 20 in their cases, but I thought it would make a great way to display all of my Pink Floyd cassettes. I've been inspired to move all my collectible merchandise to one place to display it, and it's very pleasing finding little knick knacks to fit in with this. Now I feel like I want to build up my tape collection though to fill it up!

I loved these curtains as soon as I saw them, but initially decided to leave them behind as I have no use for them just yet and thought I'd go back in summer to see if they were still there. But when I got to my car I had to turn around and go back! They're so perfect, in just the right colour scheme and I'd kick myself if they sold. I missed out on a great pair of curtains once before, and wasn't prepared to do it again! The lady at the till asked if I was going to keep them as curtains or make something else, and I was slightly horrified at the prospect of cutting them up. I think curtains can really set the decor of a room. I'll love looking at this pattern everyday, not just occasionally when I wear a dress!

The green is a vintage dust cover, a slightly unusual purchase but I use dust covers for more delicate clothing and this will look so much more cheerful in my wardrobe than my current beige one.

If you saw my Day In The Life post you may have seen me mention a sewing box I'd fallen in love with, and I went back for it yesterday! It's got so many things in it, and I admit I don't know what all of them are. I thought it would look great in my home alongside my new curtains! Although I'm not at a time in my life where I can actually use these things yet and they're going into storage, I like to buy them anyway as then as soon as I do have a home of my own I'm not in any hurry to fill it and make it mine, as I'll already have quality things bought in dribs and drabs put aside.

This little haul was all from the same charity shop, over Easter weekend my local Oxfam changed their stock to entirely vintage or vintage inspired. I've long admired this range by Lord Nelson Ware Pottery, but they're usually a bit expensive for me in antiques shops so I had to grab this one as soon as I saw it. It's in perfect condition, the rubber seal was stretched out and no longer fit and just loose in the jar, but a few minutes in boiling water shrunk it back to size.

I've always really loved the look of '60s rain macs, and I found an original '60s rain hat. Now I just need to find a matching black coat! And the yellow belt isn't vintage, it's originally from Topshop, but I thought it looked the part so well I couldn't leave it.

And lastly, here's my fabric score! I got this in an antiques mall, it's mostly various lengths of crimplene. I saw the large coral peice on the bottom first, and knowing it was crimplene expected it to be £20 or more as it often is. I flipped in my shoes when I saw it was £1.50! I pulled out more and more lengths grabbing for anything that caught my eye, and all of the other lengths were priced between 10-40 pence! This entire pile cost £4.50, and there's enough to make several dresses out of.

Quite a few things, but I like to go a bit mad when I'm home and visit all of the places as there's so little to be had where I live.


  1. Snap! I collect Lord Nelson Pottery's Gaytime and I've got that cassette holder, too. I love the stripey dress and those groovy curtains and I'm thrilled that you went back for that sewing box, it's even more special with all those delicious sewing notions stashed away inside.
    Have safe journey back. Apparently it's going to be warm next week so we can dig out our summery frocks! xxx

    1. Thank you! I was really pleased with it all, it really makes me miss home all the more knowing this isn't all on my doorstep anymore!

  2. Hi Sydney, I love all of your finds. I'm the same when it comes to buying things for my own home that I hope to buy one day. I bought a sunburst mirror last week that is intended for my future house, but for now, I've hung it up on the wall in my room. :)

    1. Unfortunately mine have to go into hiding for now as I just don't have the space, that's really nice that you can at least use your mirror for now even if it isn't how you intended :)

  3. I love the little cooking pan! I do think mis matched cookware has so more more character than a matching set. That sewing box is so neat, with so many treasures stashed away inside.

    1. I agree, there's a real charm to mismatching stuff especially when there's a cohesive style to it all such as time period. I'm really pleased with the sewing box, I love when they come with their original supplies, it feels like going through my grandma's sewing stuff when I was little!


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