Monday, 14 May 2018

Put cats in the coffee and mice in the tea

My local record fair is this coming weekend, but as I leave for Rome on Saturday I knew I'd be missing it. As it would of been my final record fair in Devon that made me slightly sad, until I realised I could just travel to the next town over as it's held there a week earlier! I actually ended up preferring it and am disappointed I've never made the trip before. It has a lot of the same sellers as my local, but many more so it's much larger. I also found it more friendly overall, with a much nicer atmosphere. My local one is a bit male-centric, there are very few women who go and I've experienced a lot of sexism from the sellers completely ignoring me, buyers physically pushing me out of the way when I'm trying to flick through boxes, and generally getting talked over. I'm clueless as to why so many men feel that women can't take music as seriously as they do, but apparently that's the case. There were a lot of women at this fair though, so all of that unpleasantness was avoided and I found some great things too!

I was most excited at finding Wet Dream by Richard Wright. It's a promo copy in really nice condition, and not something I ever expected to find in the flesh. I've actually had this record in my eBay watch list for a while, but it always goes a bit higher than I'd want to pay so I was practically shaking when I saw this was not only a promo, but also half the cost of the ones I'd been looking at!

I also got a first mono pressing of Cat Stevens second album New Masters, King Crimson's Lizard, and Genesis' Foxtrot. I'm only interested in Genesis with Peter Gabriel and have been after this album on vinyl for a while, but I wasn't willing to spend more than £10 so it took a while (and I got it for £6!)

The fair runs entirely on cash, which I like as it means I can't get carried away and only spend a set amount. I usually browse all of the boxes and then go back from what I want, but this fair was so huge I knew I wouldn't be able to, and typically I actually found the Richard Wright record last when I was £5 short so had to pop out to a cash point and break my own rule!

After the fair I naturally had a little look around the charity shops, one of which was an Oxfam bookshop which are often my favourite. I found Donovan's autobiography, which I've read before but it wasn't my copy so I'm happy to finally own it, and a 1974 copy of The Annotated Alice. Isn't that cover just gorgeous? Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is my most favourite book in the entire world (I even have a tattoo of the White Rabbit on my arm!) and this is a really great book to understand the themes of the novel. What most people think of as "nonsense" is largely symbolism and social commentary, which is why it's so laughable when people swear blind Lewis Carroll was on opium when he wrote it.

t-shirt - Their Mortal Remains exhibition // skirt - Stradivarius via Asos (old) // shoes - Vivienne Westwood x Melissa // headband - Topshop (old)

And this is what I wore. I got this t-shirt at Their Mortal Remains, and I love it. It's the cover art to A Saucerful of Secrets and I like that it's not an obvious band shirt so it's a little different. And my sandals are new! I've been lusting after a pair of Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Hermes sandals since I first saw them in 2010, but unfortunately that was 2 years after they were released and they were selling for an absolute fortune secondhand, even snide Chinese pairs were selling for over £100, so they remained a pipe dream. I was looking at the Melissa website about a year ago and noticed they'd remade them with a smaller platform. I wasn't keen at first, but when I saw them recently for 70% off I warmed to them a lot more! I'm actually really happy with them now, the lower platform makes them wearable for everyday and they're ridiculously comfortable. The sole is basically all cushion, it like walking on clouds.


  1. Hi Sydney, you're shoes are quite interesting with the wings on them, and so is you're tshirt. It looks like a kaleidoscope or stainglass window-so fab.

    I love collecting vinyl and have happily never had a problem with sexism. That's off-putting that you have to deal with that. Glad the recent fair was better. Xxx

    1. I'm shocked you've not experienced sexism within the vinyl community, you're the first female I've ever heard say that so you're really lucky! You must live in a great place!

  2. I'm glad the record fair was less male-centric. One of my friends started her own fair as she was fed up with the blokey crate-diggers attitude and it's now in it's fourth year.
    I remember Desiree from Pull Your Socks Up blog having those Hermes sandals back in the day, I was always intrigued as to how comfy they were, I'm glad they are. Your entire outfit is fab. xxx
    PS Have an amazing time in Rome.

    1. That's awesome for your friend! I've often fancied selling vinyl myself one day in my own store, but it's just a pipe dream at the moment.
      Thank you!

  3. Stinks about the vibe of the other record sales! There is so much sexism in the music industry! I girl I went to school with is now working in the music industry and she has talked quite a lot about how it is a "boys club." It is shame because I had NO IDEA how much she was into music in high school. I think we could of had some interesting discussions!

    Alice in Wonderland is great! I have a big annotated copy of the book going through all the customs it is making fun of. It annoys me when people think all crazy things are drug induced.

    1. I've never understood the sexism within music circles, it's like men seem to feel threatened if a woman likes the same stuff which is nonsensical. That's really cool for your friend though!
      I know what you mean, it frustrates me to no end when people think anything creative must be drug induced!


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