Friday, 22 June 2018

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense

I honestly never thought I'd be making a post about a Cath Kidston haul in all of my days, but here we are! I have always liked Cath Kidston for all of it's kitschy vibes, but I generally find it all a bit twee and mumsy to be honest. However as soon as I saw they were collaborating with Disney my interest grew!

I was a little late to the party as it's not a brand I've paid much attention to in the past, so it wasn't until the 101 Dalmations collection that I first discovered it. I was really gutted I hadn't heard about it sooner as their collections before that were Winnie The Pooh and Mickey Mouse who are some of my favourite characters (I'm still hoping to one day get the Winnie the Pooh dress secondhand). I sat out 101 Dalmations and their next collection of Peter Pan as both of those are my absolute least liked Disney films. I did like the collections themselves, but I wasn't prepared to buy it when I don't like the film it's based on. I know it may sound daft to some but if I'm going to rep a film or character on my clothing, then it's got to be something I'm passionate about and not just because it's a cute print, you know? I'm a big believer in clothing being an outward representation of our inner selves, so I never want to send the message that I like something when I don't!

I was overjoyed when they brought Mickey back for a second run and waited until the sales to pick up a couple of bits. But I kind of lost my mind with excitement when they announced that the next collection would be Alice in Wonderland. I don't even really know how to begin trying to explain how much Alice in Wonderland means to me, but back before I started vintage blogging my entire online presence was based around Alice in Wonderland and Disney. Neither are anything I've spoken about in detail in this blog as I didn't feel it 'fit' with my interest in vintage, but both the movie and Lewis Carroll's novel have always been incredibly important to me.

Typically it was released when I was in Italy (it felt like everything was happening when I was in Italy, it was as if the universe was telling me not to go!) so I signed up for access to the online pre-release and ordered the things I wanted most: the two dresses and a makeup bag. I happen to live within walking distance from a Cath Kidston store, so when I got home I popped in and bought more in person. I think with prints it's nice to be able to pick for yourself as the placement can fall differently on each item.

I wanted a bag and ummed and ahhed over it for a full week before settling on the backpack. I loved the backpack as soon as I saw it, but I was conscious that I already own a plethora of backpacks as it's my favourite style of bag so did I really need another one? I liked the painting the roses bag, but it looked a bit too generic Cath Kidston from a distance as Alice blends into the blue flowers. I adored the large leather bag and thought I'd get it, but seeing it in real life it's a bit too big to be practical and doesn't have a real fastening which put me off. I really like the little cross body bag, but it's fricking expensive so we'll see when sale season comes round!

The dresses are what I wanted the most. I initially liked the white one a little less from the online photos, but as soon as I saw it in the flesh it became my favourite of the two. I love the print of the blue dress, but I'm not blown away with the quality to be honest. It's just a simple 100% cotton dress that creases as soon as you look at it. Everything else really is lovely quality though, especially the backpack which has all kinds of pockets and compartments including a purse sized one that can only be accessed from the back making it entirely pickpocket proof.

On the other end of the scale, Primark have also been releasing some Alice in Wonderland things. Some of the Primark Disney collection really is lovely quality, I got some Winnie The Pooh homeware that's a lot classier than it would sound (also I'm so happy to see Winnie The Pooh stuff that isn't aimed at babies!!). This Cheshire Cat purse is almost identical to the Cath Kidston one and £13 cheaper. I saw the White Rabbit bag when I was in London and couldn't resist, especially as he was reduced to only a fiver.

I hope you don't mind reading something a little bit different from me, but this is something I'm so passionate about and I'm trying to open my blog up a bit to be less filtered and one dimensional. I have so many other interests besides vintage that I feel I have to bite my tongue over as I know it's not the content you followed for, but I'm getting a bit sick of that mindset to be honest and just want to get back to blogging for myself again.


  1. Hi Sydney, I agree you should blog for yourself and not worry if it's a bit different. The dresses are really interesting and unusual, which is just how I'd describe vintage clothing, so I think they're not so far apart. ☺

  2. Ohh those dresses are lovely! I love Alice in Wonderland as well :) I definitely think you should blog about the things you're passionate about, even if it differs a bit from your theme. I love getting to know people's different interests.

    1. Thank you! I prefer getting to know different things about people too, so I don't know why I hold myself to a different standard but it's a mindset I'm breaking out of!

  3. I love that blue dress! I did a quick google search of the other lines, and I have to say I didn't really care for the Peter Pan and 101 Dalmatians lines. Which is a shame because I actually liked those movies (particularly 101 Dalmatians) These look lovely on you.

    1. I agree, I think the 101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan lines were some of the weaker collections which is a shame really. Dogs and Tinkerbell are some pretty awesome motifs to work with and they didn't really take advantage of it! Although I did like some of the Peter Pan stuff with the London skyline under the full moon. Thank you!


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