About Me

Hello! My name is Sydney and I'm an illustrator. On any given day I might be found drawing and painting (I'm happiest when I'm covered in paint), taking photographs, wandering through nature, playing dress up, travelling as much as possible, binge watching movies, reading, or digging through dusty crates in old record stores and junk shops. I love sunflowers, Disney parks, the colour orange, psychedelic patterns, and Pink Floyd.

"It's called Dolly Rocker. It's an old make of dress...
Well, months old, you know.. that sort of thing"

The title of my blog 'Dolly Rocker' was inspired by the Syd Barrett song of the same name. Not only is it a song by one of my favourite people, it's also a brand of dress which was incredibly popular throughout the '60s and really epitomizes the era, and also I'm simply a dolly bird obsessed with her rock music. Blogging has been a passion of mine for over a decade, and I'll always favour personal content as I believe creativity and memories are bigger than a perfect aesthetic. This little space is my online journal where I post about the things I like, things I've been up to, vintage treasures I unearth, my ever growing record collection, my artwork, things I'm digging at the moment, and whatever's going around in my head. I hope you like it!

Here, there, and everywhere

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